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Announcing: The Fabled Canon 5D MkIII Digitial SLR Camera Debut!

The photography world has been patiently – some of us not so patiently – waiting for a successor to the nearly 4 year old 5D MkII (announced September 17, 2008). As enthusiasts and pros have discovered the versatility offered in the advanced camera that has afforded an explosion in the DSLR Video field people have developed a deep desire to see where this next edition takes us. Users of this camera have also gathered a massive collection of the beautiful images that this predecessor is capable of producing (the most used DSLR on Flickr). This camera is a workhorse of the last few years, and so far no full-frame camera has come close to touching it in use and capability – until now. Wonder no longer about future renditions of the MkII will take us, lovers of all things 5D! That day of creative tool advancement has come and brought a new dawn upon the DSLR market:

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It is the Fabled Canon 5D MkIII!

So it appears as though the shots that I posted the other day, regardless of Error Level Analysis to the contrary (thanks though Steve), were actually pictures of the real deal. Leaked just one day before the anticipated official announcement from Canon on it’s release, the 5D MkIII has surfaced again but this time it is accompanied by a laundry list of specifications and official looking pictures:

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