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Nikon Coolpix A: the Next Best Thing

Nikon just released it’s new point-and-shoot flagship, the Coolpix A. While it is technically just a point-and-shoot camera, it seems a little unfair to call it that, as it has an APS-C sensor – just like the Nikon DX series DSLRs. This little guy packs quite a punch, especially in low light – the active D-lighting alone may top my D7000′s capability in shadow details and noise reduction. This is possible because it was designed without a low-pass filter, just like the D7100. The advantage of not having a low-pass filter is the camera retains much greater detail throughout the entire image (with one less filter for light to pass through, your image is much sharper/has greater clarity). That also explains how the Coolpix A has less grain than my D7000 at higher ISO settings.

The camera itself is small but rugged. Not heavy, just rugged – and it still fits in your shirt pocket. It has a fixed wide angle lens (18.5mm) and DSLR like control over settings such as color parameters, impressive active D-lighting (as I mentioned before), manual focus option on the lens – making it feel more like a ‘real camera’, and there’s a hot shoe for your Nikon speedlights. Heck, my Nissin flash works like a champ on it. The menu system is easy to navigate and the auto-focus is smooth and fast. My only beef with the Coolpix A is the macro lens can stand to be a little better, both in focus speed and proximity. In fact, it seems that Canon’s had Nikon beat on their macro focus in point-and-shoots for some time, but that’s the only place they outshine Coolpix. Other than that, the Coolpix A makes the Canon Powershot G1X and G15 look bulky and slow, both in form and low-light functionality.

Fuji’s new X100s just hit the market a couple weeks ago and has been all the rage with pros and enthusiasts alike, but the Coolpix A just may take the cake. Not only does it beat Canon’s best Powershots in size, it’s sleeker than the Fuji, too. It’s a better size and has a better price tag than the X100s…$200 cheaper, mind you. Both cameras are great at higher ISO’s, but the X100s just doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to the intuitive controls of the Coolpix A.

Not at all an unfair comparison, as they both have similar sensors and are seeking to reel in the same demographic. You are, after all, the final judge as to what camera is the best. You are the demographic that both companies wish to please, and luckily we have both cameras in stock here at our store, so drop by and get your hands on one. We hope to see you soon, so until then:  Happy Hunting!

Canon Unveils the Canon Powershot N – A Review

, Canon unveils the new Canon PowerShot N Digital Camera - a totally new type of camera that offers a different shape when capturing spontaneous photos and sharing them instantly with social networks. It’s tiny…unconventionally tiny. And Canon is pitching it as the perfect smartphone companion, with it’s super intuitive Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing higher-quality, artistic images and Full HD videos to be shared in near real-time. So…will Canon be the first to replace  iPhone cameras ? Is that their goal for the Powershot N, or is it just a companion to our Smart Phones? If anyone thinks they can replace the Smart Phone camera, Canon is the company with the skills and resources to back up this new venture in digital photography.  But in the end, it’s the Consumer’s choice, so read on and decide….
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Fuji X-Pro1 Firmware Update Version 2 Coming September 18th

For all of those folks who have been loving their X-Pro1 but really wishing the autofocus and manual focusing was a bit better, there is hope! With a significant firmware update Fujifilm is promising a much faster autofocus in all lighting situations. Also the manual focus speed is supposed to be dramatically improved with much less focus throw and a new 3x magnification option for precision focus tasks. There are a few other major improvements, but read about them in detail in the press release copied below! Just a little prewarning for you too, the update will erase your user settings, so get those written down or remembered for when you have to set the camera back up.
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Fujifilm Announces the New Fuji X-E1 Camera!

It is official! Fujifilm has announced their new XF-Mount camera, the Fujifilm X-E1 Mirrorless Camera. Two new lenses, the Fujinon 18-55mm f/2.8-4R OIS and Fujinon 14mm f/2.8R, are also added to the lineup along with all sorts of premium accessories to be used with this new camera! Check out the information below for more on these exciting new products! This camera is slated to be shipping in October, so get your pre-orders in now!

Note: As a uber-special double bonus we are including a free Hoodman 32GB SD card ($90 value!) with each full payment pre-order of the new Fujifilm X-E1 Mirrorless Camera with the 18-55mm f/2.8-4R Lens kit in either black or silver. Pre-order your Fuji X-E1 kit now to get the bonus Hoodman 32GB SD card!
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Special Fujifilm Announcement at 12:01am Tomorrow Night!

Exciting stuff coming down the pipeline! After a long wait since the announcement of the X-Pro1 not too long ago there are now some awesome new Fujifilm products being announced right here, so be sure to stay tuned late into the night on Wednesday! (So late it will actually be Thursday)