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Firmware Update Version 1.01 for the Fuji X-Pro1 is Now Available!

Following closely on the heels of the camera’s release last month, Fuji has already produced the first firmware update to pair with the new camera body and the three XF lenses that have been produced. Seeking to address concerns over the widely reported and documented “aperture chatter” among various other nuanced issues, Fuji has release individual updates for the body and each of the lenses. You can find the downloads here:

Remember, always make sure that the file size for the firmware packet that you download is the same as the file size indicated on Fujifilm’s website (the X-Pro1 Body update is 36.5MB, the XF18/2.0 Lens is 385KB, the XF35/1.4 Lens is 385KB, and the XF60/2.4 Lens is 385KB). Also, always have a full battery charge available for any updates, as you do not want the camera powering down in the middle of an update.


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